The South Florida-based Steller continues to rocket her way into the stratosphere with her latest three-track EP project about to drop on Mersiv’s ever-essential MorFlo Records.

Centered on the deeper end of the bass music spectrum, all three tracks offer a glimpse into the breadth of Steller’s vision as she continues to evolve as an artist. From the jazz- and funk-influenced dubstep groover known as “Wobble Song” to the hip-hop vibrations bubbling underneath the skin of “Feeling Good,” the project is as much an exploration of Steller’s musical influences as it is an awe-inspiring journey into her soul.

Still, the title cut is where it’s at for us at Bassrush HQ as “Open Your Eyes” grabs hold from the very get-go with a cinematic sound palette replete with sweeping atmospheres, celestial vocals, and an exhilarating crescendo that dumps us deep into the rib-rattling low-end of the bassbin.

It’s a massive flex from Steller and one that bodes well for her continued success in the new year. The full Open Your Eyes EP from Steller drops tomorrow (Feb 17) via MorFlo Records so be sure to dive into the exclusive premiere of “Open Your Eyes” below before lock yours in here.