Hailing from Canada but recently transplanted to Los Angeles, the fearless, party-rocking bass music maestro known as Stylust Beats has consistently been making waves in the music scene for decades now. This hip-hop DJ turned producing aficionado has garnered a global following for his unique perspective on the art of crafting timeless, bass-heavy music that fuses together the undeniable power of the dubstep sound with the rugged attitude of hip-hop beats. With an equally uncanny ability to melt multiple influences and genres into a single production, Stylust Beats has earned his reputation as a captivating artist with a style capable of attracting all types of music lovers.

It’s his world-renowned status as a creative renegade that’s led him to concoct his latest, earth-shattering Sleeveless Records release: a remix of “Resourceful” by the British hip-hop/punk/UK grime music collective known as Monster Florence. Taking the original genre-blurring hybrid tune and reinventing it into an unmistakably characteristic, ultra swaggy and bass laced Stylust Beats creation, the crew hit us with an equally statement-making music video which you can check out below.