Bassrush Records hits us with a double-dose of West Coast Wobble as SubDocta and Thelem team up for the earthquake-inducing “Clapback.”

Thick with extra-terrestrial vibes and that slow-churning subatomic sound both artists are known for, “Clapback” builds the tension with a retro-tinged intro that quickly gives way to a vocal drop that warns of the wonky madness still to come. From there, the tune locks its hooks in you and pulls you into a proper time- and space-warping wormhole that teeters on the edge of madness and destruction before spitting you out the other side like a newly re-formed celestial being.

It’s an epic journey through the belly of the beast and lucky for you it drops today so download/stream here, turn down the lights and prepare to get lost in the interstellar sickness that SubDocta and Thelem are cooking.