SubDocta’s second single off his forthcoming LP wastes no time getting straight to the point and hitting where it hurts.

The tune is questions is the aptly titled “Iced Up” and it’s a street level ride into the darkside that builds off a slow paranoia-inducing whine into a gangsta-leaning flex. Conjuring up images of rolling through the hood with the subwoofer rattling in the trunk, the tune drips with a level of confidence that inspires and hypnotizes at the same time.

As SubDocta tells it: “I wanted to dabble in some twerk vibes like the good ol’ days but put my lil wobbly spin on it. A tune made for straight dumpin booty.” While the trapped out hi-hats and smooth vocal flow keep things bubbling, once those dank bass bombs start going off and grinding on the edges, you know exactly why this one is aimed directly at the bassheads out there.

With his forthcoming album and ‘Strictly Business’ tour on the way, “Iced Up” reveals just how much swagger we can expect from the man when he unleashes the full power still on the way.

For now, dip into this choice cut dropping today via Wakaan below and be sure to lock in your own copy in here.