Subtronics’ Cyclops Army Boot Camp Playlist
Subtronics’ Cyclops Army Boot Camp Playlist

Subtronics continues his rise to the top whilst serving up unforgettable sets of monstrous dubstep show after show. Fresh off his chart-topping Depth Perception EP on SubCarbon Records, he’s whipped up some downright brutal offerings alongside collaboration tracks with Dirt Monkey and Boogie T. As each gain is strategically made, Jesse Kardon (aka Mr. Subtronics) continues to propel his sound forward.

In anticipation for Subtronic’s Bassrush appearance at Excision’s The Paradox tour this weekend in LA and next weekend in SF, we were able to get our hands on a much-needed Cyclops-approved playlist covering some of his most coveted bangers. Get locked below for an in-depth sampling of the playlist as Jesse breaks a few selections down for us below.

Midnight Tyrannosaurus x Subtronics “Revenge of the Goldfish”
“To this day this is one of the things that I am most proud of. I had so much fun working with someone I looked up to. Jason [Midnight T] and I had so much fun making the track and we really put the time in making sure it was absolutely perfect in every way, from musicality in the intro to how many sounds we squeezed into the drop to sampling one of my all-time favorite episodes of one of my all-time favorite shows. I will never get tired of this one and it still blows my mind that I had a part in making it.”

Svdden Death x Uber “Welcome to Heck”
“Uber and Svdden Death are two of my favorite producers and two of my closest friends. I feel as though this track summarized both of their sounds so completely and evenly, along with probably one of the cleanest mix-downs ever achieved. I was probably sent 30-40 different versions of this tune during the process of making it and my jaw still hits the floor every time I hear it on a big system.”

Trentcast “Tinnie Riddim”
“This tune signifies a big part of the newer acceptance that larger crowds have been giving to dubstep tunes that would be labeled ‘deep.’ Granted, this tune is by no means a deep dubstep tune—it’s far more textbook riddim—but its lower energy vibe still gets an absolutely outrageous crowd response every single time I play it, and it was made by one of the most underrated producers out there. If you haven’t checked out Trentcast yet I would highly suggest looking him up.”

Minnesota “HiLow”
“I have a feeling this is the most popular tune on my list and some of my underground people might be confused as to why I included this, but you try putting this full volume on your car stereo while driving and not accidentally hit 100mph! I think it is the cross between the weird experimental vibes mixed with 2010’s Dream ‘This Isn’t House’ flavor. Goddamn it just hits the spot.”

D-Jhasta, 12Gauge & Sadhu “Baptism of Fire”
“It bums me out that this is not self-explanatory, but I think this is probably the best heavy dubstep tune of all time. Made my three names that were the absolute kings of the underground dubstep scene before the word ‘riddim’ even caught on, this song shook me, and probably every one of your favorite dubstep producers, to their core. Absolute perfect mix of flow, sound design and mix-down engineering. I will never forget the first time I heard this song, it literally threw me to the ground. This track is the Mona Lisa of heavy dubstep!”