Destroyer of mosh pits and minds, Subtronics just let off his Cyclops Army EP to the adoring fan base with the same namesake on his very own outlet, Cyclops Recordings. Since stirring things up on his mechanical bass farm in Philadelphia, Jesse Kardon has been carefully built his riddim empire. We’ve seen him featured on PhaseOne’s stand out album Transcendency and collab work with Ganja White Night⁠—it’s now time to experience a full dose of what Subtronics has to offer with his solo productions.

The fun begins with the automated “Loopholes” taking listeners on a rollercoaster ride of glitchy bleeps and bloops. The chiptune vibes perfectly encompass Subtronic’s trademark sound design much like “Glitch Fight” with it’s stupid sick bass stabs and headbang inducing flow. Trudging along, “They Call Me” serves up a standard helping of quirky and staggered basslines.

Finally Sub-T goes off with the title track and it’s brutal twists and turns loaded with cinematic characteristics only the one-eyed maestro could muster up. Get ready for a swift auditorial smack in the face with this EP which can be streamed here or heard below.