Sullivan King, the most known rock man of electronic dance music, presents a brand new single, “Save The World.” The LA-based singer, guitarist, songwriter and producer repurposed the famous “save the world tonight” line and incorporated in an uncompromising mix of hard rock and dubstep sounds. Sullivan King flawlessly pulls off the hard rock instrumentals and growling, dubby basslines in the track, almost resulting in an entirely original feel.

“Save The World” follows Sullivan King’s 2019’s “The Demented” and 2018’s “I’ll Fight Back, “Shake The Ground” with Snails, Kill The Noise, “Dropkick” and “Wake Up” with Excision.

“One of the first electro house tracks I heard was Knife Party’s remix of SHM’s ‘Save The World’ which was definitely a massive part of my intro into early 2010’s dance music. For years I wanted to find a way to make that song my own for live shows. I don’t play a lot of super well known Top 40 dance songs so when I end up throwing something like this in a set, I love giving it my own take. I toyed with ideas for this for over a year and wasn’t ever really jazzed on any of it. The day before the first show on this year’s Apex Tour with Excision, I wanted to bring something different into my sets. I finished this in about 3-4 hours and drove to Las Vegas for a show the next morning to test it out,” said Sullivan King.

The 24-year-old is currently playing support on a four-month bus tour with Excision for his Apex 2019 tour in North America and “Save the World” is out now so lock yours in here.