Bassrush Records offers up a stunning debut from sumthin sumthin as he drops a celestial halftime cut in the form of “Speak.”

Determined to develop his own unique sound, the self-taught musician is equal parts bass wizard and genre-busting visionary, and “Speak” is the perfect articulation of his untouchable approach to sound design and songwriting.

While the DNA of “Speak” is centered on a drum and bass backbone, the sacred ritual that unfolds within the framework of the three-and-a-half minute tune elevates beyond rigid genre definitions and instead seems to communicate on seem deeper, almost alien level.

Mystical pads swirl around the razor-sharp half-time percussion with a precision that reveals the producer’s own penchant for the interstellar. With just the right touch of wonky bass gluing it all together, the dark matter at the core feels determined to break through and speak its own language.

When asked about the birth of the tune, sumthin sumthin tells us: “I think it’s important to play around as a producer and test new concepts as much as possible. I’ve always been obsessed with designing noises to sound like they’re communicating with one another. In this track, not only was I pushing myself conceptually but ended up writing a genre of music I’ve never done before: drum and bass. This makes the process of writing so enjoyable because it feels like you’re constantly doing something new and fresh.”

The end result is quite unlike anything we’ve ever heard and yet is utterly and completely captivating.

sumthin sumthin’s new single “Speak” is available on all platforms via Bassrush Records so lock yours in here.