With the Los Angeles family still recovering from last night’s album release party, the long-awaited VOYD II album from SVDDEN DEATH is unleashed upon us and is even more epic than expected.

While SVDDEN DEATH always comes correct as an artist in the studio, it’s the elevation of the cinematic nature of his music into the performative realm of VOYD that makes the entire album feel like a sneak-peek into the live VOYD experience to follow in the coming year. For the uninitiated, track titles like “Terrible,” Bleed,” and “Brainstorm” give you a sense of the dark and deadly tone of the metal-infused dubstep that forms the backbone of the project.

With masterful interludes that demand the album be listened to from top to bottom, the carefully curated aural experience unfolds like a face-melting dream that’s inspiring as much as it is nightmare fuel.

As SVDDEN DEATH tells us: “I’m super excited to finally put my first album out and I appreciate the patience from all of my fans. It’s extremely hard for me to ever put anything out and call it ‘done’ when I’m constantly improving and making my tracks better and better for each show that I play.

“I finally got to a point where I felt I was happy with VOYD II; after hundreds of iterations of each song, selecting the right ones, and curating the proper flow that I thought represented VOYD best, I knew it was time to let the public hear it.

“I wanted this album to be more than just a dubstep album. It needed to tell a story and flow well… and I think that it does that. With 13 tracks and 5 skits that help break up the album, I think it’s something that I can call complete and is very special to me. I hope you guys enjoy it or I’m gonna lose my fucking mind! I have so much more in store for this project – the music is just one piece of a very large puzzle that is VOYD.”

At this point, it should be obvious that words can’t do the project justice so strap on your protection amulet and dive headfirst into the wicked realm that SVDDEN DEATH has conjured up for us on VOYD II.

Out now on all platforms so lock yours in here.