SVDDEN DEATHV Prepares to Shut ’Em Down in Los Angeles
SVDDEN DEATHV Prepares to Shut ’Em Down in Los Angeles

San Jose native DJ and producer Danny Howland, better known by his stage moniker SVDDEN DEATH, burst onto the scene and completely disrupted the system with his progressive approach to the aggressive genre while becoming one of the most prolific names in the industry. Embarking on his career in music production only 7 years ago, SVDDEN DEATH has been turning heads with each and every release on numerous bass music imprints like NSD: Black Label, Buygore and more, while singlehandedly pushing the genre forward with fresh and innovative production. While constantly expanding with new projects, SVDDEN DEATH also focuses a lot of his energy on expelling different territories of bass music under his well known alias VOYD.

While SVDDEN DEATH has had his biggest year yet while playing some of the largest festivals in the electronic dance music scene and even touring North America with Snails, we’re completely convinced he’s only getting started. With so much excitement buzzing around SVDDEN DEATH and his latest releases like “Sell Out,” we decided to catch up with the young producer ahead of his first Los Angeles headlining show with Bassrush, as things are sure to be straight madness. If you’re keen to diving deeper into what SVDDEN DEATH is really about, check our Q&A below.

How’s life been treating you?
I’ve been good! Just working on music and prepping for the shows this summer.

We’ve seen your progression as a producer over the past few years explode like wildfire. Can you talk a little bit about how you initially got into producing and how that’s gotten you to where you are today?
I started producing in 2012, and didn’t really get noticed until 2017 with songs like “Shut Em Down” and “Take Ya Head Off,” since my style changed drastically throughout the years. I began writing bass music at the end of 2015 as SUDDEN DEATH, and played my first international shows in France, Montreal, Australia, and other places. Then, in 2017 started playing US shows. I grew my sound and made my home in the underground dubstep scene, mostly after I moved to LA, with my friends such as Yakz, Somnium Sound, Oolacile, Ubur, and Al Ross. When the new style of dubstep started blowing up in the US, it came from LA first because the scene there was so packed with talented producers.

When you first started your career, what was your goal with production?
I dropped out of school pretty much immediately after I discovered Ableton. My only goal was to get good at it. I never really expected a career out of it, especially when I started making dubstep because at the time, 99% of people legitimately hated it.

How have your goals changed since you first started? It seems as though you have some big plans now, can you talk a little bit about those?
I really want to make a statement with my music within the industry and with people, as well. I want to continue evolving and helping influence younger producers to do so, too. Bass music as a whole has an infinite amount of directions it can go, and I want to discover what other untapped potential it has. I also want to throw my own shows to help bring up smaller artists.

Your most recent collaboration with Marshmello, “Sell Out,” caused quite a buzz. How did that project come about?
I think it just came pretty naturally. I have always had a large focus on melody, and likewise, he has dialed in sound design. It was a good collab and I thought it was funny how much it surprised people.

You’re set to play Academy LA tonight. What are you most excited for this show in particular?
I’m really excited to play out all the new music I’ve made for the show. I’m really trying to level up soon.

You just did a pop-up shop at Academy LA as well. How was that?
It was awesome because I got to see some people that I didn’t even think would be fans! Some kids under 18 who would never be able to go to most of my shows, but wanted to say what’s up and get a picture. It blew my mind!

Do you have any special treats in store you can share ahead of the show?
I am premiering the finals of my new singles and possible EP at this show. Also, playing a ton of old and new Voyd shit, and a bunch of special guests.

Any last shout-outs you want to give before we wrap things up?
Shout out my Mom, the girl who tattooed my ass, AFK is a bitch, Carl’s Jr’s vegan burgers, and my manager Klint’s male pattern baldness.