The rough and rugged vision of SweetTooth hits the streets today and it’s everything we hoped it would be. No stranger to stirring up trouble at DPMO in the past, the four-track Problem Child EP hits that sweet spot between the neck-snapping fury that SweetTooth is capable of unleashing alongside a haunting, almost melancholy vibe that brings on a different kind of pain.

Hard-hitting festival bits designed to shred the masses like “No Such Thing as Normal” will no doubt take center stage but it’s the subtler moments where a glimpse of vulnerability is revealed that are sure to make this one stand the test of time. Am thinking specifically about “Dropout” with the untouchable flow of lyrical legend Armanni Reign. The lyrics paint a picture of the mix of anger and shame a ‘problem child’ feels growing up in the shadows of a world where out-the-box thinking and a rowdy disposition may brand one as a permanent outsider.

While the melancholy tinge haunts the edges of collaborative cuts with Cromatik and Sora, it’s obvious that the primary objective is to let the riddim-infused ruckus punish the dancefloor. Overall, the EP feels deeply personal in a surprising way while never watering down what the bass-heads have signed up for.

It’s an epic flex and a road that we hope SweetTooth continues to explore. Lucky for us, this one’s out now via DPMO so lock yours in here.