Rising dubstep producer SweetTooth has returned with his new 5-track EP on Circus Records called ‘Corvus Memoirs.’ The Los Angeles native was not afraid to show off the power he was capable of with his follow-up release for the label.

The eerie crow caws, dark bells and rattling sub-bass of the lead cut “Anthem of the Corvus” feel similar to the opening of a horror movie. After being given a taste of an ominous yet gripping lead, you are thrown into the middle of a body-crushing riddim drop before you can tell what’s happening. The weird, aggressive lead synth gives the song a unique sound while the crow calls bring a haunting tone. This first track foreshadows the wild ride to come.

If you survive this far, you are brought to “Day of Reckoning.” The track lives up to its name, depicting a chaotic apocalypse. Blasting metallic lasers are paired with monstrous growls underneath to create an insulting bounce. This is just the beginning of SweetTooth’s story, but we will let you find out more for yourself when you dive into his hefty new project. 

If ‘Corvus Memoirs’ could be played live right now, it assuredly would cause heads to bang, floors to shake, and speakers to rattle. His unique dubstep mixing style and personality make him stand out amongst the crowd, and there’s no doubt you’ll be hearing much more from SweetTooth in the near future.

Take a deeper look at what this EP means to SweetTooth: 

I’ll never forget the day one of my best friends introduced me to dubstep. A track called ‘Ketamine Ocean’ by Druley, who happens to be Al Ross’ older brother, was blaring it from his car stereo. One fateful lunch break my junior year of high school, I instantly became hooked on this style of music. The moment I got home, I YouTubed “dubstep”. The first tracks to appear were all the classic bangers from Circus Records: “Ginger Pubes,” “50 Caliber,” “Bass Cannon,” and “Sweet Shop.” After watching the Circus takeover on Get Darker, one thing became instantly clear; I had to witness this chaos live.

Various shows from different members of Circus evaded me over the years, adding to my anticipation, until, finally, I seized the chance. Bassrush vs. Circus at the Hollywood Palladium, May 2012. Not only would this be my first time seeing my favorite artists, but my first dubstep show, as well. I was front-row during FuntCase’s set, mesmerized by his mental stage presence and overall performance. I told myself, “If I was a DJ, I’d strive to be like that guy.”

Soon after, I bought my first controller and went to every Bassrush and Future Events show I could. I fell more in love with the scene with each passing night, until one day my dream was a bit closer to reality. I had my first single signed by FuntCase himself to Circus Records DPMO, and that’s when everything changed for me.

I went from being another brick in the wall of L.A. talent to an artist that was receiving national opportunities. Ultimately, this allowed me to earn appearances with Bassrush, one of my bigger goals from the jump. It’s wild to think back on playing shows like Bassrush Massive with Cookie Monsta, Project Z, and supporting FuntCase at his sold-out Observatory show—a venue I had watched him and so many other Circus legends from the mosh pit. And now, I’m the one standing at the decks playing my records on stage, causing that same mosh pit. To say things have come full circle would be an understatement. I reckon, though, that the pinnacle of this coming of age story is having my very own EP on the label that started everything for me. 

‘Corvus Memoirs’ is out now on all platforms.