The UK-based duo, known as SyRan continue to level up with each and every release. With 2022 serving as a breakout year where the duo impressed Andy C, the Ram Records boss, not only in the studio but on the decks, 2023 is the year where the afterburners kick in.

Enter their massive single “Twister” that we’re stoked to be premiering for the Bassrush family today. Savvy listeners will recognize this one as a favorite ID that Andy C’s been double-dropping into his sets alongside Pendulum’s “Tarantula” with unholy results.

With the barely restrained beast of a tune snapping and clawing at the bit from the get-go, it isn’t until a flurry of Amen breaks come roaring in that we know exactly what kind of mayhem we’re in for. It’s an expertly produced ride through the dark side of the dancefloor, with just the right touch of old and new school groove providing the fuel.

This one drops Friday, January 27 via Ram Records on all your favorite digital platforms so check the heat below and consider yourself warned!