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Agressor Bunx – Freedom [Bassrush Premiere]

While the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has all but disappeared from the U.S. news cycle and high gas prices are being erroneously blamed on


Agressor Bunx’s New ‘Power Glow’ Lives Up to Its Name

Power Glow is definitely an appropriate name for Agressor Bunx’s new EP, as it’s a somewhat chilled out version of the Ukranian artist’s usual s


Agressor Bunx Deliver a Knock-Out Blow

Weaponized sci-fi funk reigns supreme on this debut album from the Ukranian duo Agressor Bunx.


[Premiere] Agressor Bunx “Radical Sound”

The Ukranian duo known as Agressor Bunx bring on the facemelt with this ill glimpse into their forthcoming ‘Properties of Addition’ LP for Eatbrai


[Q&A] In the Studio with Agressor Bunx

The Ukrainian duo gives Bassrush an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look into how they create their treacherous drum & bass sound.


[Premiere] Agressor Bunx “Hottah”

The Ukranian duo offer up an exclusive first listen to the absolutely filthy “Hottah,” taken from their forthcoming ‘Colony’ EP on Program.


Agressor Bunx Continue Their Crusade

The Ukranian duo known as Agressor Bunx continue to smash and grab their way to the top with this hard-hitting single on Bad Taste Recordings.


Agressor Bunx Move In For the Kill

The Ukrainian duo continues to smash their way to the top of the drum & bass scene.