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CPTL PNSHMNT – Milovat [Bassrush Premiere]

The Puerto Rican duo known as CPTL PNSHMNT bring their untouchable flex to Bad Taste Recordings’ sixth compilation album project and the results


Screamarts “Rise”

While all the throwback to darkstep, techstep and vintage neurofunk has been fun lately, drum & bass should and fairly must charge forward with ne


Akov & Mean Teeth – Bulletproof

The Austrian-based AKOV returns to Bad Taste to close out the year with his untouchable style. This time around he’s bringing The Syndicate in o


Ephyum “Ice Cave”

Bad Taste Recordings dives deep into those late-summer vibes with this exquisite offering from Ephyum.


Drumsik Drops a Liquid Stunner on Bad Taste

Bad Taste brings a surprising taste of atmospheric liquid in Dumsik’s new single.


Transforma “Detonate”

Bad Taste Recordings locks in four vicious tech-driven thrillers from Transforma with this heavyweight cut leading the way.


The Death and Resurrection of the Zombie Cats

It’s the end of an era as the Zombie Cats close out the first chapter in their career and prepare to launch into an equally epic future.


Malux “Pitfall”

Prepare to go beast mode as Malux unleashes an anabolic stunner from his forthcoming ‘Vaporise’ EP on Bad Taste Recordings.


Zombie Cats & Vegas Fill the ‘Void’

Two great artists sound great together: Bad Taste brings Vegas and Zombie Cats together with astounding results.


Fa11out and Vegas Unleash the Beast on “Black Bones”

Prepare to have that head cracked as Bad Taste brings on the heavyweight drum & bass vibes on this darkside burner from Fa11out and Vegas.