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Tsuruda Shreds on “Caustic”

Apparently when Tsuruda wants to “blow off some steam” he knocks out some filth and posts it on SoundCloud.


Posij Sheds His Experimental “Cocoon”

Posij’s newest release finds a suitable home on Noisia’s Division label.


Invisible Recordings Unleashes ‘Solids_3’ Compilation

Noisia’s Invisible Recordings introduces the newest compilation to their catalogue, ‘Solids_3,’ featuring MRSA, HØST, MISSIN, Vowel & Mason, Ch


TLZMN “Battle Drums”

Wakaan locks in a sorcery-driven seven-track EP from TLZMN, with this Bassrush premiere of “Battle Drums” leading the way.


Enter Rohaan’s Psychedelic Headspace on ‘Only Carbon’

Having already graced imprints like Deadbeats, Circus Records, Moving Castle, and Quality Goods Records, Rohaan returns to the German-based Saturate l


Opus Makes His ‘Titan’ Debut On Chestplate

Opus’s music finds a home on Distance’s groundbreaking Chestplate imprint with his three-track EP.


Liquid Stranger: Music as Emotion

Prepare to be inspired as Liquid Stranger offers an in-depth and heartfelt glimpse into the weird and wonderfully magic world he has conjured into bei


Rygby Returns to DUPLOC for ‘DUPLOCv003’

DUPLOC returns to Bristol for the newest addition to their vinyl series with an impressive four-track EP from Rygby.


Alix Perez Combines Dub and Halftime With “Poison Ivy”

Perez’s solo track bangs as much as it chills on the second 1985 compilation, ‘Edition 2.'


Somnium Sound Brings the Panic with “Lifeform”

This tension-filled cut from Somnium Sound is sure to wake the dead.