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Dubloadz Drops Some Wonk House on Bassrush Records

Flipping the script as only he can do, Dubloadz hits the switches on “Nitro” and rinses out the club with some wonky wubs.

Bassrush Records

Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats Grind Your Mind

Bassrush Records returns with another heavy-hitting single with Dirty Audio and Zeke Beats leading the charge into the weekend.


Back to Basics with Caspa

With the Bassrush hosted ‘Curated by Caspa’ show only one day away, we touch down with the UK dubstep pioneer for a behind the scenes glimpse into

Bassrush Records

Gentlemens Club Drops the Trap-Tinged Heater “Goes Like” via Bassrush Records

A jaw-dropping tidal wave of emotion pounds the listener at the subatomic level on this new heater from Bassrush Records.


Chee Leans Deep Into Left-Field Bass on Bassrush Records EP

Chee leans deep into left-field bass territory on his ‘Aggressive Generosity’ EP for Bassrush Records.


Hekler and Mastadon Drop “Buggas” on Dat Ass for Bassrush Records

Hekler and Mastadon Drop Some “Buggas” on Dat Ass for Bassrush Records.


Tisoki and Half Empty Collide on “Hold On”

Bassrush Records continues to impress with this late-summer heater courtesy of Tisoki and Half Empty.


Kannibalen and Bassrush Join Forces on Kai Wachi’s “Bodied”

Bassrush Records locks horns with Kannibalen Records to unleash this unhinged head-crusher from Kai Wachi.


Oolacile, INFEKT, and Murda “Triple Threat”

Consider yourself warned: this three-headed bass beast from Oolacile, INFEKT and MurDa is designed for maximum dancefloor destruction.


Riot Ten & EH!DE “Applesauce”

The Bassrush Records crew are at it again, locking in a mid-summer sizzler for all the headbangers out there ready to ride until the wheels fall off.