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Keep Your ‘Lifecycle’ Going With Blackout and Friends

Now seems like as good of a time as any to remember that life has its cycles and nothing is really permanent. Blackout Music certainly didn’t have t


Blackout Heralds the End of Year Compilations with ‘Evolutions’

The end of year push for massive releases has officially begun with labels putting out full-length epic albums and lots of EPs. Soon the requisite 201


Black Owlz “L.E.N.”

The French neuro master plays with synths and syncopation on his new ‘Call to Mind’ EP.


State of Mind “Doomsday”

The untouchable New Zealand-based duo known as State of Mind hit us with the aptly titled “Doomsday” taken from their forthcoming ‘Land of the B


Rido “Point”

Rido is always pushing the boundaries of innovation with each release he drops but his new single out today on Blackout really pontificates (pun inten


Prolix Declares His Style on the ‘Murder Mile’

Teaming up with Blackout, Prolix has pushed out a compendium of dancefloor stinkers with lots of heart and old-school club vibes.


Redpill “Last One Standing”

In another rapid-fire production with Blackout, Redpill is out to scramble brains and take names as he launches us towards his forthcoming ‘Flesh &


So Pythius Is Dropping a Remix Album on Monday…

With all the massive D&B releases coming out in the past week, heads might already be suffering from banger fatigue. Get those whiplash collars re


Telekinesis’ Top 10 Telekinetic Tracks

From brief flashes that inspired their upcoming ‘In My Mind’ EP on Blackout, to major concept tracks that helped shape their sound, Telekinesis fi


Pythius Descends Into Darkness

The drum and bass god known as Pythius finally reveals his masterpiece debut album on Blackout.