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Annix Strike a Power Chord

Playaz duo Annix make power moves with new EP Power Chords.


Hold Tight Selector: Annix Gets the Remix Treatment

Playaz assembles a heavyweight crew ranging from Neonlight to Magistrate on this epic remix EP of label stalwarts Annix.


[Premiere] Annix & Prestige “The Dog Knows”

Prepare for the squad to go beast mode as Annix untether this filthy burner featuring Prestige in collab mode.


[Premiere] Annix ft. Teddy Killerz “Jungle Consumes Everything”

It’s a full-on assault on the senses as Annix teams up with Teddy Killerz for a chest-thumping drum & bass thriller for the dancefloor.


Annix ‘Work It Out’

Konichi and Decimal Bass, the duo known as Annix, have clocked major studio time perfecting their latest EP, Work It Out. The fresh offering is compri