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L 33 – Hold Em Down [Bassrush Premiere]

Eatbrain League mainstay, Bulgarian artist L 33, was steadily releasing throughout the pandemic but took a bit of a production break this year. Like q


Agressor Bunx – Freedom [Bassrush Premiere]

While the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine has all but disappeared from the U.S. news cycle and high gas prices are being erroneously blamed on


Mythic Image Brings the ‘Infocalypse’ With Debut Eatbrain EP

Infocalypse is a bit of a tongue-twister of a name, but it definitely speaks to the way media operates right now, what with InfoWars, the Mar-a-lago r


Eatbrain Celebrates Release of the Epic ‘Divergence IV’ Compilation

Despite the forced dalliances of COVID in 2021, Eatbrain has been determined to celebrate its ten year anniversary as much as possible, continuing int


Nuvertal – Show Me Love [Bassrush Premiere]

It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that if Eatbrain commissions an EP from a relatively new artist, said artist is going to be a breakthrough ta


Unlock the “Possibility” of the ‘Power Cube’ With Current Value

The incomparable German genius known as Current Value has been exploring new venues for his releases lately, having guested on Bou’s Souped Up label


Screamarts Examines ‘The Paradox’ of Sound in New EP

Classic and new school, heavy and minimal, snares and sound design; Austrian producer Screamarts is looking at contrasts in his new EP The Paradox, ou


Teddy Killerz Fight on in the Face of ‘Critical Damage’

With things as they are in Teddy Killerz’s native Russia and the Ukraine, the trio and their Ukranian friends are still working their hardest to try


PRFCT Mandem Design a PRFCT Guest Mix Around their Latest Single

The Manchester-based duo known as PRFCT Mandem just keep getting better and better with every track, it seems, to the point where if beat envy was a t


MNDSCP Gives Us His Best ‘Gnar’ Tracks [Playlist]

Those of us who live or have lived in Southern California know that the term “gnarly” has a wealth of meanings in our vernacular. In surf culture,