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Joe Ford “Urgency”

Mr. Ford returns to Eatbrain with a wild new EP, Abstract Places.


Tobax feat. Helo “Seized Moment”

The Russian enigma returns to Eatbrain for his first EP on the imprint.


AKOV Knows ‘U Want It’

AKOV’s last solo EP was released just over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been out there shaking it up. Quite the contrary: he’s


A-Cray’s Neurofunk Assault With ‘Lasers & Stuff’

The Czech D&B phenom returns with his first EP for Eatbrain.


Kolt’s New Eatbrain EP Answers the ‘Call of the Void’

The Dutch producer gives the chin scratchers among us a pensive look at neurofunk in his first solo EP of the year.


ClashTone “Faded”

ClashTone are an unexpected yet exciting collaboration developing in bass music in 2019. Comprised of Eatbrain label head Jade, Terror – the London


Task Horizon “Taserface”

The Swiss D&B quartet known as Task Horizon have been knocking out tracks about as fast as labels can snap them up this year. Their Interlinked EP


Fourward and Redpill Write a “Digest” on Neurofunk

It’s time to let your neuro flag fly as Fourward and Redpill return to Eatbrain with this heavyweight smasher.


Redpill Is Here To Turn Black Friday Even Blacker with ‘Lunch Time’ EP

The hard D&B and neurofunk producer from Toulouse, France sort of exploded onto the scene in 2015/2016, quickly earning stripes with Eatbrain and


Mindscape Wraps ‘The Reanimator’ With An Evil Frankenstein Guest Mix

What better way to celebrate Halloween and Day of the Dead than with all the dark D&B?