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Agressor Bunx Deliver a Knock-Out Blow

Weaponized sci-fi funk reigns supreme on this debut album from the Ukranian duo Agressor Bunx.


[Premiere] Agressor Bunx “Radical Sound”

The Ukranian duo known as Agressor Bunx bring on the facemelt with this ill glimpse into their forthcoming ‘Properties of Addition’ LP for Eatbrai


L 33 Taps a Heavyweight Squad to remix ‘Karate’

Hardcore beat-killers like Prolix, Joe Ford, Synergy, and Neonlight enter the dojo to give the Black Belt treatment to choice cuts from L 33’s ‘Ka


[Free Download] Synergy Weaponize the Mix

Segment and Concept Vision (aka Synergy) kick in the afterburners and blast out a synapse-shredding mix for the always-essential Eatbrain fam.


Heed Bl4ck Owlz’s Primal Call on Eatbrain

French outfit Bl4ck Owlz deliver a skull-crushing EP for the Eatbrain camp.


Maztek Drops the Grinder EP for Eatbrain

Eatbrain locks in the Italian bad boy for a full-length EP that is pure, unadulterated neurofunk bliss.


5 Tunes That Changed Our Lives: Hypoxia

Known for their epic cinematic head-bangers, the Belgian duo connects the dots between Kemal, Harvey McKay, Raketkanon, Millionaire, and Bonobo.


Hypoxia Reach Full Cognition

The duo from Antwerp delivers another strike package of neuro blasters.


L 33 Inflicts Pain With ‘Karate’

The Bulgarian upstart delivers a powerful attack combo with a four-track sampler to his forthcoming LP on Eatbrain.


Agressor Bunx Move In For the Kill

The Ukrainian duo continues to smash their way to the top of the drum & bass scene.