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Jade Carries the Neurofunk ‘Propaganda’ Flag With Eatbrain

The zombie don’s take on popular media, programming, and how to run a hard drum and bass label without eating what’s left of your brain.


‘Beware’ The Return of Neurofunk on Telekinesis’ New EP

One of Eatbrain’s most creative production teams shows there’s still a lot yet to grind out of the embattled subgenre.


Mob Tactics Go Prehistoric With “Dinosaur Rock”

After a number of high-profile releases on Viper, the cheeky DnB duo hops back to Eatbrain with neurofunk inspired by dinosaurs and zombies, apparentl


Teddy Killerz Slice Through Eatbrain with ‘Hellblade’

Teddy Killerz have reached the level of needing no introduction in drum & bass at this point, joining the likes of Noisia, Goldie, Pendulum and pr


Fourward Moving Forward With Eatbrain

DnB’s most stylistically diverse foursome discusses their venture into neurofunk with their massive new Wölfe EP.


Task Horizon’s Interstellar Playlist

Turn down the lights and prepare for a journey to the edge of the universe and back with Task Horizon as your guide.


Mindscape “Fiend or Foe”

Filthy future funk from the Eatbrain stalwart Mindscape as he prepares to unload the first installment of his ‘Reanimator’ LP.


Agressor Bunx Deliver a Knock-Out Blow

Weaponized sci-fi funk reigns supreme on this debut album from the Ukranian duo Agressor Bunx.


[Premiere] Agressor Bunx “Radical Sound”

The Ukranian duo known as Agressor Bunx bring on the facemelt with this ill glimpse into their forthcoming ‘Properties of Addition’ LP for Eatbrai


L 33 Taps a Heavyweight Squad to remix ‘Karate’

Hardcore beat-killers like Prolix, Joe Ford, Synergy, and Neonlight enter the dojo to give the Black Belt treatment to choice cuts from L 33’s ‘Ka