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L 33 Taps a Heavyweight Squad to remix ‘Karate’

Hardcore beat-killers like Prolix, Joe Ford, Synergy, and Neonlight enter the dojo to give the Black Belt treatment to choice cuts from L 33’s ‘Ka


[Free Download] Synergy Weaponize the Mix

Segment and Concept Vision (aka Synergy) kick in the afterburners and blast out a synapse-shredding mix for the always-essential Eatbrain fam.


Heed Bl4ck Owlz’s Primal Call on Eatbrain

French outfit Bl4ck Owlz deliver a skull-crushing EP for the Eatbrain camp.


Maztek Drops the Grinder EP for Eatbrain

Eatbrain locks in the Italian bad boy for a full-length EP that is pure, unadulterated neurofunk bliss.


5 Tunes That Changed Our Lives: Hypoxia

Known for their epic cinematic head-bangers, the Belgian duo connects the dots between Kemal, Harvey McKay, Raketkanon, Millionaire, and Bonobo.


Hypoxia Reach Full Cognition

The duo from Antwerp delivers another strike package of neuro blasters.


L 33 Inflicts Pain With ‘Karate’

The Bulgarian upstart delivers a powerful attack combo with a four-track sampler to his forthcoming LP on Eatbrain.


Agressor Bunx Move In For the Kill

The Ukrainian duo continues to smash their way to the top of the drum & bass scene.


Black Friday Beats From Eatbrain

Whether you’re sitting at home watching the mayhem unfold online or out braving the masses, we’ve got your recommended Black Friday soundtrack fro


Hypoxia Unleash the Beast

The Antwerp-based duo known as Hypoxia unleash a dark and deadly EP for Eatbrain that is sure to have the kids climbing up the walls.