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Richter & Replicant – 4AM [Free Download]

Los Angeles’ own Richter and Replicant lock horns on the aptly titled “4AM” — just in time for EDCLV as both artists are due t

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Jonnie Boi & CVPTVGON “Tonality”

Slipping and tripping right from the beginning with a warped atmospheric intro, once Jonnie Boi and CVPTVGON hit the switches, this half-time bubbler

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Xaebor “Pump This”

The San Diego-based XaeboR closes out the decade with a monster free download that hints at the fire he’s cooking up for the new year. Aptly tit

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Dion Timmer x Dubloadz “Neon Phantom”

With some amazing appearances in the first half of 2019, dubstep fans would be hard pressed to forget the names Dubloadz and Dion Timmer—two acts

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Billie Eilish “Bad Guy” (Dr. Apollo & Dip Vertigo Remix)

Billie Eilish gets a proper drum and bass makeover from Dr. Apollo and Dip Vertigo just in time to kick summer into high gear.

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Oolacile, Svdden Death & Ubur “Savceboys”

Prepare to get sauced as three of your favorite bois go beastmode on this dubstep floor-crusher.

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Dubloadz Hypnotizes with “Pepper”

The Los Angeles-based heavy-hitter drops the dark and eerie “Pepper” on the masses just in time for the weekend.


YOOKiE “Project 9”

It’s an all-access pass to “Project 9” as YOOKiE drop the hammer on Bassrush Records.

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NGHTMRE & Ghastly “End of the Night” (not sorry & Wild Boyz! Remix)

Wild Boyz! and not sorry lock horns on this chest-thumping remix that’s sure to have you and the squad heaving at the rails.

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BloodThinnerz ‘Bloody Valentine’ Mix

Like a blade to the heart, the Bloodthinnerz hit us in the feels with this filthy ‘Bloody Valentine’ mix.