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Gentlemens Club Drops the Trap-Tinged Heater “Goes Like” via Bassrush Records

A jaw-dropping tidal wave of emotion pounds the listener at the subatomic level on this new heater from Bassrush Records.


Gentlemens Club Graces Buygore Records With ‘Want U’

The UK-based trio continues to crush as they surface on Buygore with a heavyweight banger.


Gentlemens Club Bring the Heat with ‘Black Gold’ EP

The UK-based bass madmen release their ‘Black Gold’ EP via NSD: Black Label.


[Free Download] Gentlemens Club “Lost the Plot”

Prepare to get that neck snapped as Gentlemens Club come roaring out the gates with another anabolic beast of a tune.


[Free Download] Gentlemens Club “Take You Back”

Never Say Die unleash the UK-based Gentlemens Club on the masses with this deep and heavy rib-rattling heartbreaker.


[Free Download] Gentlemens Club “Jungle”

Ahead of this weekend’s appearance alongside Eptic and Must Die!, the UK bass trio known as Gentlemens Club take a dip into the darkside with “Jun


Eptic x Must Die! + Gentlemens Club = Fire

Never Say Die locks in an epic EP from label stalwarts Eptic, Must Die! and Gentlemens Club as they prepare to embark upon their Hyper Future tour.


[Free Download] Soloman “Best of 2016” Mix

The Gentlemen’s Club stalwart steps out for a little bump and grind with his favorite tunes of 2016 in this monster mix.


[Premiere/Free Download] Gentlemens Club ft. Watson “U Don’t Know”

The UK bass trio known as Gentlemens Club team up with the L.A.-based rapper Watson to drop some gnarly vibes on the masses.


[RECAP] Bass Music Highlights From Nocturnal Wonderland 2016

Check out some of these bass head highlights from our three-day adventure in the blacklight forest.