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Truth Take a Charming New Direction With ‘Without You’ EP

Those Truth fans who are expecting their new EP Without You to be another tech-charged, glitchy masterpiece like their previous Wakaan EP Druids or, r


Wires and Tempyre Bring the Halftime Flex to Big Booty Bass

The Los Angeles-based Big Booty Bass crew comes correct with a pair of sizzling halftime burners from Wires and Tempyre and Bassrush is stoked to be a

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Jonnie Boi & CVPTVGON “Tonality”

Slipping and tripping right from the beginning with a warped atmospheric intro, once Jonnie Boi and CVPTVGON hit the switches, this half-time bubbler


Mad Zach “Doran” (Safire Remix)

When Mad Zach’s Fortress EP hit way back in 2017 it was obvious that it would go on to become a genre classic. Two years on and the EP still feels l


Halogenix Proves His Solo Halftime Chops With ‘Lordel’

With the spooky, droney first drop of “Purpen” on Halogenix’s new six-track EP Lordel, listeners will know pretty much instantly they’re not i