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In the Lab with Mark the Beast

Get an in depth look inside Mark the Beast’s Brooklyn recording studio, where he’s spawned his latest masterpiece for Circus Records, ‘Your Love


[Q&A] In the Lab with Sustance

Essential reading for all the production crew as Sustance steps out from behind the mixing desk and reveals how he crafted the “Rugged” bassline f


In The Lab with Emperor

As Emperor’s latest EP hits the streets via Neosignal, we take a rare look at the producer’s routines, his in-the-box studio rituals, and his esse


[Q&A] In The Lab with Turno

Visionary drum & bass producer Turno invades the charts and offers us a glimpse into his


[Q&A] In the Lab with Cruk

Sample curator and waveform wizard Cruk gives Bassrush a comprehensive look behind the making of his ‘Bad Faith’ EP for Dispatch Recordings.


[Q&A] In The Lab with Phace

The German robo-funk wiz Phace offers up a master class in creating your first hit.