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G Jones Delivers the Odd Bass

G Jones talks up his latest EP, collaborating with Bassnectar, and his plans to bring “a heavy dose of weird” to Nocturnal Wonderland.


Brillz Goes Full Twonk Mode!

The Twonkmaster General himself stops in to chat about his upcoming projects, living drug-free on the dancefloor, and the ongoing inspiration that his


5 Tunes That Changed My Life: R.A.W.

The Los Angeles-based legend known as R.A.W./6BLOCC reaches way back into the cut to deliver five tunes that have inspired and shaped his sound.


Introducing: Consouls

We sit down for an in-depth chat with one of our 2015 Discovery Project Winners: the duo known as Consouls.


Revisiting bassPOD with 12th Planet

We touch down with 12th Planet to revisit last weekend’s genre-bending high-intensity, post-blackout session in the EDCLV bassPOD.


Black Sun Empire: Aggression, Bass and Emotion

As Black Sun Empire descend on Los Angeles for a Blackout takeover, Bassrush touches down with BSE for a look back to their set at the bassPOD before


Friction Prepares for the bassPOD Assault

Friction’s summer tour heats up with exclusive talk of forthcoming album.


Bassrush Reloaded: Bringing the Bass Music Experience (Back) to the Masses

Bassrush gets a new look and prepares to elevate the brand and the sound to the next level.


[Q&A] Pendulum, Punk Rock, And The Art Of DJing

As things heat up ahead of next week’s Pendulum takeover at Exchange, we sit down with none other than the bearded bad boy from the crew known as El


MC DRS: Entering A State Of Flow

Athletes call it “entering the zone,” but for the Manchester-based MC DRS, it’s called “entering a state of flow.” We’re referring to thos