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Eatbrain Celebrates Release of the Epic ‘Divergence IV’ Compilation

Despite the forced dalliances of COVID in 2021, Eatbrain has been determined to celebrate its ten year anniversary as much as possible, continuing int


Jade Injects Some Emotion Into New Singles “Angry” and “Never Be”

When fans think about Jade and his style, some tend to pigeonhole him with precise yet intense neuro dancefloor chuggers and not much else but that is


ClashTone “Faded”

ClashTone are an unexpected yet exciting collaboration developing in bass music in 2019. Comprised of Eatbrain label head Jade, Terror – the London


Jade Carries the Neurofunk ‘Propaganda’ Flag With Eatbrain

The zombie don’s take on popular media, programming, and how to run a hard drum and bass label without eating what’s left of your brain.