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Flix – Mag 1001 [Bassrush Premiere]

Félix-Antoine Raymond, better known as Flix, steps up to flex on Saturate! with a dank dive into the deeper side of the dancefloor that we can’


Tsuruda Returns to Deadbeats with a Deathwish

Prepare to get that head cracked as Tsuruda unleashes an epic four-tracker on Deadbeats sure to rewire your synapses along the way. Best known for his


Spag Ruckus, Founding Member of Dirtyphonics, Signals a New Direction with “Autopanic”

Perhaps best known as one of the founding members of the iconic French music act Dirtyphonics, Spag Ruckus is the latest incarnation of multidisciplin


Gl0bal – Pain ft. Armanni Reign [Bassrush Premiere]

The UK-bred, British Columbia-based, genre-bending producer known as Gl0bal continues to smash his way into the spotlight with the second drop from hi


Liquid Stranger Dives Deep on “Smoke N Hope”

Never one to rest on his laurels, label boss and all around freeform bass wizard Liquid Stranger takes a deep dive into the nether regions of the soul


Spinline – Shinkansen [Bassrush Premiere]

Sofa Sound Bristol reveals yet another track from the highly-anticipated Reaching the Oasis album from the Hungarian trio known as Spinline. While the


‘The Resonance III’ is Here, So that Means Another ‘Six Questions’

After a brief but welcome pause in the schedule to release their last album of original work together, Closer, Noisia and Vision are now back to The R


Ravenscoon Defies Gravity with ‘Inertia’

With the woofers still smoking from ‘Speakaz,’ his recent collab with Noise Pollution, Ravenscoon returns to Wakaan with his full ‘I


Getting Fresh with BUKU on “Mr. Clean”

Hot off the heels of his sizzling single, “Grey Matter,” Buku returns to Wakaan with another massive dose of bass-fueled flex. Swerving i


Ranz – Tonal Rush [Bassrush Premiere]

Long-time DJ Ranz levels up on the production front as he drops proper shredder in the form of this halftime headcracker called “Tonal Rush̶