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MethLab Goes Out With a Leftfield Bang With a Debut EP from Deerhill

It truly is the end of an era as MethLab wraps up its last releases with two new remixes by Exept and IHR and this surprising choice, a brand-new EP b


Subp Yao Returns to 140 (Sort Of) With ‘Sum Output’ EP

While the tempo on Subp Yao’s new Sum Output EP, out today on MethLab Recordings, is in the dubstep realm, fans shouldn’t expect anything that cou


Tek Genesis Stuns With Debut LP on Division

There’s been a lot of buzz around Tek Genesis and his upcoming release on Division and it has only come from the first two singles Division teased f


Mad Zach “Doran” (Safire Remix)

When Mad Zach’s Fortress EP hit way back in 2017 it was obvious that it would go on to become a genre classic. Two years on and the EP still feels l