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Liquid Stranger Gets the Psychedelic Remix Treatment

Liquid Stranger returns from the outer reaches of space with an exquisite collection of remixes from the very best the universe has to offer. Streakin


Liquid Stranger Unveils Ascension

The psychedelic mastermind known as Liquid Stranger delivers a massive six-track EP and Bassrush has the first listen. Featuring Wakaan stalwarts and


Transition into the New Year with Lucii at the Helm

Whether you’re deep in recovery mode from your own homegrown party with the familia or straight up pulling the pieces together after an epic jou


Liquid Stranger: Music as Emotion

Prepare to be inspired as Liquid Stranger offers an in-depth and heartfelt glimpse into the weird and wonderfully magic world he has conjured into bei


[Free Download] Liquid Stranger ‘Weird & Wonderful’ Remix EP

The Swedish mastermind known as Liquid Stranger curates a boundary-pushing remix collection of his ‘Weird & Wonderful’ EP.


[Q&A] Liquid Stranger’s Weird & Wonderful World

Prepare to have your head twisted as you enter the weird and wonderful dreamscape of Liquid Stranger.


[RECAP] Bass Music Highlights From Nocturnal Wonderland 2016

Check out some of these bass head highlights from our three-day adventure in the blacklight forest.


5 Tunes That Changed My Life: Liquid Stranger

Living up to his name, Liquid Stranger takes us deep down the rabbit hole for a glimpse into the dreamscapes that have changed his life.


Liquid Stranger Blurs Genre Lines with Wakaan

Liquid Stranger reveals the first genre-bending release on his newly minted Wakaan imprint.


Free Download From Liquid Stranger

Originally from Sweden, US-based composer and DJ Liquid Stranger gifts fans an extensive 18-track collection featuring once-exclusive VIPs, remixes an