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MethLab Goes Out With a Leftfield Bang With a Debut EP from Deerhill

It truly is the end of an era as MethLab wraps up its last releases with two new remixes by Exept and IHR and this surprising choice, a brand-new EP b


Subp Yao Returns to 140 (Sort Of) With ‘Sum Output’ EP

While the tempo on Subp Yao’s new Sum Output EP, out today on MethLab Recordings, is in the dubstep realm, fans shouldn’t expect anything that cou


Yunis Steps Into the Spotlight With ‘Depth’

Deep bass debut on MethLab will see this halftime artist emerge as a major player.


Prepare to Get Your Head Scrambled With Current Value

Everyone in drum & bass and beyond lost their minds when the video for Current Value’s “That Smile” dropped last week, and with good reason.


Balatron Previews Upcoming LP Release With “Huginn/Muninn”

First singles to come off the Icelander’s Upcoming ‘IÐAVÖLLUR’ LP on MethLab tease heavy, danceable halftime vibes.


Bad Taste and MethLab Join Forces

A punishing seven-track journey into the dark and twisted side of tech-driven drum & bass.


Allied Conjures Up Interstellar Darkness

MethLab Recordings launches their futuristic BNKR series with four bone-shaking neurofunk killers from Allied.