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Subtronics and Midnight Tyrannosaurus Get Primitive

Just in time for the witching season, this monstrous collab from Subtronics and Midnight Tyrannosaurus is unleashed upon the masses.


Midnight Tyrannosaurus Destroys with ‘NSD: Black Label XL 5’

If you’re keen to some hard-hitting bass that makes your guts turn, look no further than this comp.


Dubloadz & Midnight Tyrannosaurus “Don’t Deal With The Devil”

Prepare your ear canals for some pure murkage from Dubloadz & Midnight T on NSD.


The Bass Music Takeover of EDC Las Vegas

From Drake’s surprise appearance at the bassPOD to well-known artists appearing on other stages, 2017 might have been the year that bass music took


Megalodon & Midnight Tyrannosaurus Drop Some Jurassic Crunk

Conjuring up images of prehistoric monsters battling it out in a Jurassic swamp, Megalodon and Midnight Tyrannosaurus unleash the beast on NSD Black L


[Q&A] Midnight Tyrannosaurus Unearths the Fossil

The prehistoric beast known as Midnight Tyrannosaurus delivers a massive EP for NSD: Black Label and offers a glimpse into what the New Year has in st


Midnight Tyrannosaurus Takes You “Boomboxin’”

Check this Outwatch-inspired head-crusher from Midnight Tyrannosaurus on the “Boomboxin’” tip.


[Free Download] Midnight Snacks Volume 2

Midnight Tyrannosaurus raids the fridge on his next volume of Midnight Snacks.


[FREE DOWNLOAD] Midnight Snacks Vol. 1: The Sweet Tooth Remixes

Midnight Tyrannosaurus’ raw dinosaur sounds are rerubbed for the first volume of the ‘Sweet Tooth Remixes.’