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Neonlight Return to Blackout as ‘Hero of My Youth’

Before starting their own Diascope imprint in mid-2019, German neuro duo Neonlight were known for bouncing releases from label to label. This wasn’t


Misanthrop “Turbine”

The next premiere from Misanthrop’s Analog project sees dark drum & bass taken to a new place.


Phace & Misanthrop “Progression” (Synergy & Signal Remix)

As most heads know by now, Neosignal has been celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with four months of remixes from the imprint’s classic bac


Signs ‘Lift The Curse’ Playlist

It’s hard to say whether Signs, the trio of producers from Toulouse, France, identify more with dubstep, halftime or drum and bass but the D&B s


[Premiere] Misanthrop “Random”

The ever-impressive Misanthrop drops a head-spinning EP that fuses jazz, funk, and leftfield elements with his signature tech-driven drum & bass.


[Premiere] Misanthrop “Trashriot”

The long-awaited debut album from Misanthrop is on its way and this little “Trashriot” provides the perfect introduction to the techno-driven dest


Prepare for the Eurofunk Takeover!

Phace and Misanthrop gather up a heavyweight crew of neurofunk all-stars to kick-start a new series on their Neodigital imprint.


[Premiere] Misanthrop Brings the Pain To Ram

Ram Records gets a proper kick in the teeth from the tech-funk killer.


Misanthrop Brings On The Technoid Nightmares

Having been absolutely running things as one-half of the powerhouse duo known as Neosignal, the Hamburg-based Misanthrop steps out on his own for a fo