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Neonlight Return to Blackout as ‘Hero of My Youth’

Before starting their own Diascope imprint in mid-2019, German neuro duo Neonlight were known for bouncing releases from label to label. This wasn’t


Neonlight’s New Imprint DIASCOPE Introduces Czech/Slovak Duo Ripple to a Wider Audience

The Pegasus volume of the Constellations EP series on Neonlight’s new DIASCOPE label isn’t due out until the end of this month but if it’s anyth


[Playlist] Neonlight’s Blackout Essentials

As they keep crushing with their own brand of tech-tinged fire, Neonlight hit us with an essential list of tunes from Black Sun Empire’s untouchable


L 33 Taps a Heavyweight Squad to remix ‘Karate’

Hardcore beat-killers like Prolix, Joe Ford, Synergy, and Neonlight enter the dojo to give the Black Belt treatment to choice cuts from L 33’s ‘Ka


[Free Download] Neonlight “Microbot”

The German duo return with a free download from their forthcoming intergalactic album project on Blackout Music.


Neonlight + Wintermute Ride The Edge

Blackout Music NL continues its quest for neuro-domination as it unleashes the massive, five-track Edge EP, a collaborative effort by Neonlight and Wi