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Electronic Musings with Oski

The genre-bending DJ/producer known as Oski flies high with hot new releases for Quality Goods Records and Disciple.


The Stunning Evolution of Bensley Continues

Staying true to his genre-defying vision and dropping jaws along the way, the sophomore album from Bensley presents the perfect opportunity to catch u


The Death and Resurrection of the Zombie Cats

It’s the end of an era as the Zombie Cats close out the first chapter in their career and prepare to launch into an equally epic future.


Charli Brix and the Musical Art of Kintsugi

D&B’s best-known vocalist flips the tables to release an EP herself.


Franky Nuts Stuns with “Supreme Funk”

With his latest cut dropping on Jauz’s Bite This! imprint we thought we’d check in for a proper Q&A with Franky Nuts.


Talking Sh*t with Mastadon

Hold tight for the arrival of dubstep juggernaut Mastadon’s first-ever Bassrush appearance and debut North American Tour.


Prolix Declares His Style on the ‘Murder Mile’

Teaming up with Blackout, Prolix has pushed out a compendium of dancefloor stinkers with lots of heart and old-school club vibes.


The Impressive Evolution of Krimer

The Montreal-based Krimer sits down with Bassrush for a wide-ranging glimpse into the past, present, and future of his ever-evolving sound.


Murdock’s Pre-EDC Warm-Up

Rampage Founder and legendary Belgian DJ Murdock sets the vibe ahead of EDC and shares his current Spotify playlist.


Oolacile Trades Some “Kandi” Ahead of EDC

Hot off the heels of his latest drop on Bassrush Records, the riddim raver known as Oolacile stops by for a heavyweight Q&A.