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Calcium Cracks the Skull Vault Wide Open

With his ‘Skull Vault’ EP running red hot through our veins, we sat down with the ever-impressive Calcium to discuss his meteoric rise to fame.


Calcium Stomps Out “Mega Punch” for NSD: Black Label

The up and coming bass producer known as Calcium, has come to wreak havoc on an all new banger aptly titled, “Mega Punch” for NSD: Black Label. Wi


Monxx “Death Match”

Dark and deadly vibes dominate on this filthy tearout riddim from Monxx.


Kahlil Hit the East$ide on Blacklight Audio

The long awaited EP from the UK wunderkind debuts on Blacklight Audio.


[Free Download] Oolacile “Riddim Girl”

Check your head as Oolacile cooks up a dirty batch of riddim for those who like to sprinkle a little synapse twist on the proceedings.


[Q&A] Aweminus Blows a Fuse on NSD’s Black Label

Stateside upstart Aweminus begins 2017 on a massive note with a new EP for Never Say Die’s Black Label.