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Blankface Unleashes Terror at Arcade Island

Savage Society continues to forge its own path through the darker edges of the dubstep with a massive EP from label stalwart Blankface. Rammed with fo


Subtronics Rallies The Riddim Troops

Destroyer of mosh pits and minds, Subtronics just let off his Cyclops Army EP to the adoring fan base with the same namesake on his very own outlet,


Substrate Recordings Flexes New Comp

Check out the riddim-fueled various artist comp from Aussie-based Substrate Recordings.


Calcium Cracks the Skull Vault Wide Open

With his ‘Skull Vault’ EP running red hot through our veins, we sat down with the ever-impressive Calcium to discuss his meteoric rise to fame.


Calcium Stomps Out “Mega Punch” for NSD: Black Label

The up and coming bass producer known as Calcium, has come to wreak havoc on an all new banger aptly titled, “Mega Punch” for NSD: Black Label. Wi


Monxx “Death Match”

Dark and deadly vibes dominate on this filthy tearout riddim from Monxx.


Kahlil Hit the East$ide on Blacklight Audio

The long awaited EP from the UK wunderkind debuts on Blacklight Audio.


[Free Download] Oolacile “Riddim Girl”

Check your head as Oolacile cooks up a dirty batch of riddim for those who like to sprinkle a little synapse twist on the proceedings.


[Q&A] Aweminus Blows a Fuse on NSD’s Black Label

Stateside upstart Aweminus begins 2017 on a massive note with a new EP for Never Say Die’s Black Label.