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Enter the World of Slime with Snails

Snails has been non-stop over the past year and shows no signs of slowing down as he heads into 2020 with a bang. With his World of Slime tour underwa


Snails’ Top Ten Cuts of 2018

Prominent DJ/Producer Snails aka Slugz Music CEO Frédérik Durand celebrates a heavy year of shelling out his eccentric Canadian vomitstep to the mas


Prepare for the ‘Slimeageddon’ as Snails Locks Horns with Wooli

Slugz Music drops “Snailephant,” featuring the vomitstep king Snails in the studio with Wooli.


Snails and Boogie T Go Heavy With “Redline”

Prepare to push the levels to the max as Snails and Boogie T “Redline” it for Slugz Music.


Zeds Dead and Snails Drop a Magnetic Track

Prepare to be hypnotized by Zeds Dead and Snails as the purveyors of dancefloor filth take a hard left into love song territory.


Snails Shells Out A New Remix Album

Hold on to your rails, Snails has gathered up a heavyweight squad to remix his album and it’s everything you’d hoped it would be.


Funtcase Dropkicks Snails’ “Forever”

As Snails prepares to unleash the remix version of his debut LP, Funtcase paves the way with this unhinged remix of “Forever.”


Snails and Kill The Noise “Shake The Ground”

That’s not an earthquake you feel, that’s the sound of Snails and Kill The Noise linking up in the studio.


[Free Download] Snails “Slugz VIP”

Prepare to get wrecked as Snails turns in an anabolic remix of his already feisty “Slugz” sure to have the Vomitstep crew bouncing off the walls.


Snails and Botnek Melt Your Screen

Snails and Botnek’s “Waffle House” video is unlike anything we’ve ever seen—consider yourself warned before you hit play.