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Spag Heddy and Micah Martin Bring on the Goosebumps with “Never Thought”

The second single from Spag Heddy’s forthcoming debut album arrives and this vocal-driven melodic dubstep number is sure to hit you in the feels


Spag Heddy’s ‘Prego’ Flips the Switch

Living up to his reputation as an unparalleled creative visionary, Spag Heddy pushes the boundaries of bass music once again with a monster genre-bend


Get Those Hands Up For Spag Heddy

Rocketing to international fame with his wub-heavy style that’s all his own, the untouchable Spag Heddy kicks down the doors on 2020 with a mass


Spag Heddy Kick-Starts the Weekend with “Zoom”

This long-awaited ID from Spag Heddy hits the streets just in time for the weekend!


Spag Heddy’s New Year’s Day Playlist

It’s a new day and a whole new year, the possibilities are endless! Whether you’re nursing your battle wounds from Countdown or just waking up to


We’re “Running To You” With Slander and Spag Heddy’s Latest Track

Fusing the melodic with the hard and heavy side of the dancefloor, Slander and Spag Heddy deliver the goods with this epic collaboration.


Spag Heddy Spills the Sauce

Straight from the heart of Planet Pasta, Spag Heddy chats with Bassrush about everything from his OG influences to an album-length project he’s got


Spag Heddy Serves Up “Ernstig”

It’s your daily dose of tomato bass with Spag Heddy’s “Ernstig.”


Spag Heddy Returns to His Roots on “Get To U”

Blasting out the speakers like it’s 2014, Spag Heddy drops some Tomato Bass just in time for the late summer turn up.


Spag Heddy Gets Heated

Never Say Die gathers up a heavyweight squad of remixers to spice up the proceedings on Spag Heddy’s ‘Reheated’ LP.