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Phace & Misanthrop “Progression” (Synergy & Signal Remix)

As most heads know by now, Neosignal has been celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with four months of remixes from the imprint’s classic bac


[Premiere] Synergy “Radiation”

Prolix locks in a wicked pair of neuro-driven thrillers from Synergy for his Trendkill imprint.


L 33 Taps a Heavyweight Squad to remix ‘Karate’

Hardcore beat-killers like Prolix, Joe Ford, Synergy, and Neonlight enter the dojo to give the Black Belt treatment to choice cuts from L 33’s ‘Ka


[Free Download] Synergy Weaponize the Mix

Segment and Concept Vision (aka Synergy) kick in the afterburners and blast out a synapse-shredding mix for the always-essential Eatbrain fam.


[Premiere] Synergy “Rage!”

The brainchild of Phace and Misanthrop, the Neosignal offshoot known as Neodigital steps on up with their second Eurofunk EP. With a mandate to “not