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Taxman’s ‘Bangers and Mash’ Playlist

With the head honcho of the Playaz fam stopping by tonight for a little after-Thanksgiving dinner treat, who better to get us in the mood than the one


[Q&A] Original Sin Goes Head-to-Head With Taxman

Bassrush chats with masters of dancefloor D&B as they plan to shut down the Psycho Circus at Escape.


[Premiere] Taxman “Die Tonight”

Just in time to get us fired up for his appearance at Escape, Taxman drops a filthy roller sure to have the squad begging for more.


[Premiere] Taxman “Original Ninja” (BassBrothers Remix)

The BassBrothers turn Taxman’s ragga-tinged anthem into a smoking hot bubbler for all the speaker freakers.


Taxman Unveils the ‘Creepshow’

The untouchable Taxman drops a heavy six-track EP for Real Playaz.


[Q&A] Taxman Cashes In With New Material On Real Playaz

Taxman’s annual offering of forward-thinking D&B returns by way of the forthcoming EP Beyond the Black Rainbow. Discover more about those musica