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Ulterior Motive Crack ‘Headz Once Again

The Metalheadz stalwarts known as Ulterior Motive return to the legendary imprint with a pair of heavyweight drum and bass masterpieces.


Ulterior Motive’s 5 Essential Drum & Bass Remixes

With a host of players giving the proper remix treatment to Ulterior Motive’s latest EP, we get the duo to hit us with their favorite drum & bass re


Shogun Audio Commemorates 100 Releases

Shogun pop bottles in celebration of one hundred releases with the new various artists’ series, Shogun 100.


Metalheadz to release Ulterior Motive’s debut album

Set to release out to the masses from Metalheadz on October 6 is the debut album by Ulterior Motive, The Fourth Wall. This funky trip with “organic