The Swiss D&B quartet known as Task Horizon have been knocking out tracks about as fast as labels can snap them up this year. Their Interlinked EP, due out tomorrow is their third release on Eatbrain in 2018, because clearly the incredibly vibesy Overclocking Reality EP and their track “The Void Between Worlds” on Eatbrain’s Divergence LP weren’t enough. They’ve also released tracks on their imprint Evolution Chamber since Divergence and a two-version collab with Lerocque called “Because the Sun” on Play Me Too, both of which are beautiful. This isn’t about any of that that, however. This is about “Taserface.”

While all the tracks on Interlinked are solid, fast, snaresy and very Task Horizon, “Taserface” stands out as a definite highlight. The beginning of the intro is cinematic until  a syncopated off-rhythm starts to build before the breakdown and then crashes forth at the drop. It’s a pretty familiar syncopation in neurofunk, but the pace and the inclusiveness of it in “Taserface” are relentless.

At least two sets of synths, the bassline and even the snares are involved in creating the off beat and it’s so big that the main beat can barely hold on to anchor the track. It also goes on for so long into the track that it almost seems like a dare to see how long they can keep that intensity going. The answer: over a minute and then another 45 seconds after the second break. Strap in.

When the track switches to a more conventional D&B beat, the drums there are also particularly well-done. They sound a bit like a manipulation of a vintage video tennis game, and now that the cacophony of the off beat is giving us all a break, it’s clear this beat was pretty important part of that awesome madness.

The synths in these sections of the track are still present but are flipped around to follow the beat more directly while the snares are made into sort of a snare paste where they don’t follow any beat but are just spread over the rest of the ambient space in these bars as a constant white noise. There really isn’t any part of this track that’s not interesting and meticulously done.

It’s clear on Interlinked that the Task Horizon boys did a lot of playing and experimenting with sound, and it really seems as though they cracked a code for themselves. They’ve been able to integrate different styles, subgenres and even different forms of electronic music, like on the EP’s closer, “Techno Sh!t.” This is possibly what inspired the EP’s title. “Taserface” seems to be the apotheosis of all this experimenting. It’s as meticulously produced and technically clean as it is face-melting and danceable. More of this please.

The Interlinked EP is out tomorrow, December 20 on Eatbrain. Buy and streaming links will be up on the Eatbrain website shortly.