Task Horizon’s Interstellar Playlist
Task Horizon’s Interstellar Playlist

Having dipped out on the drum & bass scene for a few years, the legendary Task Horizon crew returns, packing some serious heat for Eatbrain. Known for pushing the tech-driven side of the neuro scene, the sci-fi and horror-tinged elements of their output is the perfect mesh of cinematic influences and chest-thumping dancefloor fire.

With heads like Magnetude and Neonlight dropping in collab-style on their aptly titled Overclocking Reality EP, the four-man Swiss crew is obviously here to pick up where they left off and smash their way to center stage once again.

All five tracks on the EP are anabolic beasts in their own right but what continually sets the Task Horizon sound apart from the rest is the subtle seduction at the core, where orchestral interludes and grand, sweeping intros feel ready-made for a transition to the big screen.

With that in mind, and to celebrate Task Horizon’s return to the fold, the crew crafted a special Interstellar playlist for us designed to unfold the way a full-on proper narrative would. As the crew tell us, the playlist was inspired and “based on a fictitious imaginative storyline” centered on five different movements or chapters.

Blurring the lines between genres and mixing up drum & bass with ambient, folk, and left-field leaning material from the likes of Ed Rush & Optical, Stakka & Skynet, Noisia, Goldie, and Infected Mushroom, Shpongle, and Carbon Based Life Forms, the playlist is designed to be listened to in one go, from top to bottom, with each two-track chapter following the following sequence: Take Off, Cruising, Landing on another Planet, Meeting an Alien, and Space Battle.

With all that said, its time to strap in and prepare to be launched into another world. Before you go, don’t forget to lock in your copy of Task Horizon’s Overclocking Reality EP here as it’s out now.