Artificial Intelligence’s Integral Records blesses us with an epic four-tracker from Tatora that dives deep into their elusive brand of new-gen liquid soul. Crossing drum and bass boundaries and delving into some explorative deep techno-influences, “On My Own” is the perfect introduction to the hypnotic power that the entire Confessions EP delivers.

Every now and then there’s something about a song that just tugs at the heart-strings and grabs ahold of you and won’t let go. “On My Own” is one of those tunes. From the way the atmosphere slowly eases us into the melancholy vocal at the heart of the tune to the subtle push and pull of the melodic elements that ride effortlessly on top of a crisp and clean breakbeat-driven groove, it’s obvious that Tatora has it dialed in.

Like the legendary label bosses themselves, Tatora seem to take pleasure in letting the tune unfold at its own pace. The unhurried sense of urgency lends the tune a sense of luxurious hypnotism that by the time the second drop rolls around, you realize you’ve lost track of time and are endlessly floating on the haunting atmospheres the cut conjures up.

It’s just a touch of the magic that Tatora is bringing to the fore so lock in your pre-order here before the full Confessions EP is released on Friday, November 12.