#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: Definitive
#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: Definitive

Turn back the clock with Bassrush’s resident DJs and MCs as they talk old-school memories, new-school tunes, and their favorite moments from 2015.

Real Names: Alfonso Lopez and Billy Marples
Affiliations: Savage Society, Bassrush, Prime Audio, Sub.Mission

What were some of favorite releases this year?
We don’t know how to possibly catalog that. There’s simply been a wide array of camps continuously putting out quality music. All the boys from Savage Society are putting out quality dubstep and we feel more quality jump-up is coming out as well. Answering this question is simply too hard!

When did you attend your first Bassrush show?
The first Bassrush event we attended was actually EDC 2008 at the D&B stage with DJ Hype & MC Daddy Earl, Dieselboy, Friction & SP:MC and few others. At the time neither of us had any idea of who each other were; it would be years until we actually would meet. In hindsight we find it a bit ironic, good to know we both had the same mindset though!

What was different about Bassrush compared to other parties back then?
The line up has always been the line up, not to mention their top-notch production—that was the icing on the cake.

When did you officially become part of the family?

We’ve definitely been feeling the love from Insomniac—Bassrush especially—but we try to keep it humble. We are grateful for every Bassrush and also the Insomniac stages as well.

Paint a picture of your first gig for Bassrush? What did you play?
Our first time playing for Bassrush and Insomniac was at Escape: All Hallows’ Eve in 2014. We had only found out a couple days before the event and we were incredibly ecstatic about it, not to mention it was streamed on Sirius XM radio! We played 40 minutes of dubstep with 20 minutes of drum & bass. Although most people know us for our dubstep, our roots are deeply embedded in the drum & bass scene and culture. It’s always a must for us to play drum & bass!

Where’s the craziest place your DJing has taken you?

Would 100% have to be EDC Las Vegas! Playing EDC was always a dream of ours even before we had met! We definitely hope we get to grace the stage again!

What are your Top 5 Bassrush Moments for 2015?
1. The open bar EDC was pretty epic. We will simply leave it at that. [Laughs]
2. Playing our first Bassrush was unforgettable. Once we saw the size of the stage at Escape, we were in awe! I knew it was going to be amazing.
3. Did we mention the open bar at EDC? Having the ability to have people drive us to any stage in golf carts was totally rad! Even better being able to take advantage of having drinks on those carts!
4. Recently we’ve played quite a number of shows at Bassrush Exchange, some in direct support for the headliners. We really like the vibe there, as you aren’t very far from the crowd and it feels a bit intimate with immense stage production. We love that venue and the Bassrush events that go down there.
5. [Even though] we’ve mentioned EDC twice on this list, playing EDC itself was probably the highlight of our run with Insomniac to date. Words cannot do the experience justice. It was amazing and we hope for many more.