#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: MC Dino
#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: MC Dino

Turn back the clock with Bassrush’s resident DJs and MCs as they talk old-school memories, new-school tunes, and their favorite moments from 2015.

MC Dino
Real Name: Dino Dominguez
Affiliations: Urban Aboriginee, Bassrush, Junglepunk

What were some of favorite releases this year?
There are too many to name all but here are a few:

  1. Consouls ft. Hunter Jones “Dreamer”
  2. Kronology Timelapse EP
  3. Anything from Mefjus, my favorite producer this year.

When did you attend your first Bassrush show?
My first Bassrush was in 2000 at the once-known as Qtopia. I was playing with my partner DJ Fury and it was an insane night of D&B. I remember the energy there was like none other. The kids in front were slamming the barriers back and fourth! It was wild I knew it was home for me.

What was different about Bassrush compared to other parties back then?
Bassrush always had the best talent, sound, venue and production. It was hard in the early days to find a company or promoter that had it all. Maybe the sound was good but the venue sucked or maybe the lineup was great but the sound sucked. Bassrush always did it with everything perfect or didn’t do it at all­—I loved that. Not too many promoters want to spend a lot of money to make the bass stage that amazing, but Bassrush always did.

When did you officially become part of the family?
I played my first show for Insomniac in 1999 at Nocturnal Wonderland at Empire Polo Fields with DJ Fury, met Pasquale, and quickly became friends. I played a few more shows for him with DJ Fury, and then in about 2001 was asked to join Bassrush as the Resident MC. I quickly accepted and moved to Los Angeles to do Bassrush and music full time. I couldn’t be happier.

Paint a picture of your first gig for Bassrush? What did you play?
Well, it was a frenzy of sweaty young D&B heads that were engulfed in a sea of bass, drums and lasers; the energy was so intense that you couldn’t stand still even if you wanted to. The music was so loud that the walls shook and I just grabbed the mic and went in to the center of it all—it was amazing. Fury played some ruff and rugged D&B and I let L.A. know what a Puerto Rican kid could do on the mic!

Where’s the craziest place your MCing has taken you?
I have played EDC Puerto Rico a few times and this is one of my favorite shows to play. It is so beautiful there and the Headliners are so into the music. They dance like no other and D&B is huge there; they have a true love for it.

What are your Top 5 Bassrush Moments for 2015?
Bassrush Massive with Calyx and TeeBee and Camo and Krooked! That was one of my favs of the year; such an amazing night. Also EDC Orlando on the Bassrush stage. Fury, Ed Rush & Optical, and The Upbeats—so good! Honestly there are so many good moments at Bassrush shows; too many to name. If you come and see me smiling then you know it’s a good time.