#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: Trouble
#TeamBassrush 2015 Rewind: Trouble

Turn back the clock with Bassrush’s resident DJs and MCs as they talk old-school memories, new-school tunes, and their favorite moments from 2015.

Real name: Jennifer Taylor
Affiliations: Bassrush, Cats & Boots Records, Bring It Back Productions

What were some of favorite releases this year?
Favorites are really hard for me. I feel like they change daily and with my mood. Some songs that come to mind at this moment would be Ed:It “Centre Suite,” Frankee “Snarl,” and Riya featuring Break with “I Don’t Need.” Break is one of my favorite producers.

Standout artists that come to mind for this year are DLR, Lenzman, Optiv, Amit, Maztek, Need for Mirrors, Noisia, The Upbeats, and Vandera.

Can you recall attending your first Bassrush show?
The first Bassrush show I attended would have been in early 2000s. I’m thinking either Nocturnal Wonderland or How Sweet It Is. I tried to look up the flyers for those parties to check out the lineups but had no luck. I would love to look back and see who was playing because this is when I fell in love with drum & bass.

What was different about Bassrush compared to other parties back then?
Bassrush stood out because that’s where I first found drum & bass and they always had the best lineups compared to other raves I went to. It wasn’t until a few years later I started discovering the smaller D&B nights around L.A.

When did you officially become part of the family?
I’m not really sure when or if there was a point I “officially” became a part of the Bassrush family. I first DJ’d for them back in 2007 at Funktion (Bassrush Wednesdays) and I played on Valentine’s Day with Danny the Wild Child who was the headliner.

Paint a picture of your first gig for Bassrush. What did you play?
Since my first gig was on Valentine’s Day I thought it was only appropriate to play some of my favorite D&B love songs at the time and mixed them in with the darker tech-step neurofunk sound I am more into. I opened up with “Love Is Not a Game,” the Dillinja remix. I remember being really nervous because this was my first time playing a big show and all my friends brought their dates out to see me play.

Where’s the craziest place your DJing has taken you?
The craziest place Bassrush has brought me to DJ has to be Miami in 2007 where I got to play one of their daytime kick-back parties with Vegas (Bad Company), Logistics, AK1200, Shimon, Evol Intent, Chase and Status, B. Traits, and a bunch of other L.A. locals. I remember this party being a lot of fun and I miss this era of drum & bass.

What are your Top 5 Bassrush moments for 2015?
Number one has got to be opening up at the Noisia show over the summer! It was a great night for so many reasons. Second would have to be the Hospitality Records night that I also had the chance to open for. Third would be the Bassrush stage at EDC Las Vegas this year—all my favorite sets were in the last hours of each night and was dancing late night into the early sunrise. Fourth would be Andy C at Nocturnal—the whole night was fun and full of adventures and it all started with his set. Last would be opening at the Bassrush pool party this year in Vegas. I have always wanted to play at a pool party and this year I finally had my chance.