Get ready to have your mind blown when Teddy Killerz and Nais step to Playaz with this shape-shifting beast known as “Supah Dupah.” Perhaps best known for their neurofunk explorations on the darker side of the dancefloor, the deadly trio known as Teddy Killerz toss Nais into the mix for a pair of sizzling heaters that defy simple classification but deliver on all fronts of those who like it dirty.

While “Twinge” brings on a heavyweight dose of expertly crafted tech-driven hypnotism, we can’t help but start salivating every time we think of the mind-bending ride that “Supah Dupah” offers. Built on the funky DNA of a lurching halftime, dubstep and bass-inspired flex, the drum and bass synthesis at the core makes this one a sure-fire crossover hit for the festival squad. Switchbacks, beat flips, and a hook that can’t be fucked with make for an epic ride sure to be punishing speakers all summer long.

Check the exclusive Bassrush premiere and lock this one in here as it’s just dropped as a Beatport exclusive before the rest of the world gets a crack at it on April 19.