Tek Genesis Stuns With Debut LP on Division
Tek Genesis Stuns With Debut LP on Division

There’s been a lot of buzz around Tek Genesis and his upcoming release on Division and it has only come from the first two singles Division teased from his album Temp. There’s very little prior information known about Tek Genesis, as “Amber” and “Ether” were his first tracks listed on Beatport before the full album released last Friday. His beats preceded him, however, as both teaser tracks reached 10k listens on Soundcloud long before the album dropped. Now, fans can feel the full power of Temp.

For his first release to be full-length album, Division must have put an incredible amount of faith into Tek Genesis, as his Soundcloud page prior to last week’s drop only contained pop remixes. The Sydney-based artist went by William. prior to August this year so some of his previous work can be heard in other places. Upon listening to the album, however, it’s easy to see why the experimental label was able to green light such a big project whether previous samples were available or not. The sound simply speaks for itself.

Generally, Tek Genesis’s sound on Temp can be described as the best possible mashup of Venetian Snares, Hudson Mohawke and Rza, with heavy beats and every aspect of the synths and sound design modded out to filth. Said filthy synths can be equally glitchy and heart-rending in melodic tracks like “Petrichor” with Quiet Bison, “Cloud Kingdom Theme” and album closer “7894. They can also be truly filthy and meant for the dancefloor in “Head Kick” with Halinae, “Cryostasis” and the afore-mentioned “Amber.” The style is diverse, chunky and experimental throughout the album but a solid beat always runs through it, whether Tek is working an Ivy Lab-style chugger like “Lost Signal” or channeling his inner breakcore kid with “Scattered Dreams.”

Tek Genesis’s world is one of mods, glitch and snares folded into said mods and glitch. Temp is extremely different in terms of current bass music offerings, experimental or otherwise but it hits so hard that we can really only thank Division for bringing Tek Genesis’s world to the wider bass world.

Temp is out now on Division recordings and can be streamed or purchased on multiple platforms by clicking here. Be sure to check out his takeover of the Noisia Radio Podcast as well, just posted yesterday.